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I was making the attempt to purchase a vehicle from Dominion Chevrolet in Richmond, Va.My wife and I had been in contact with a salesman at Dominion Short Pump concerning purchasing a 2007 to 2008 Tahoe.

After a couple of days of contact, the salesman called us and told us he had found the tahoe with the options that we had asked for. We told the salesman that leather was a must. DVD and moonroof if the price was right. The salesman called us and told us that he had a vehicle for us and wanted us to come in and see the vehicle.

I was sleeping and the salesman talked to my wife. He told her that the vehicle had leather but no dvd or moonroof. After I had awakened, I called the salesman and he confirmed that the vehicle ( 2008 tahoe LT ) did have leather and possibly a dvd ( which was different than what he told my wife ). I had to go to work and asked my wife to go and see the vehicle and make the purchase if it was what we wanted.

My wife and a friend of hers, drove 35 minutes to Short Pump at night to see the car. She then, calls me on the phone and tells me the Tahoe did not have leather nor the dvd. She was annoyed as well as I. Then, the salesman tried the "bait and switch" trick.

He shows her a vehicle that was much more expensive thinking she was dumb enough to fall for it. She calls me back and explains what was happening and I then ask her to put the salesman on the phone and I basically told him that he was a liar and dishonest salesman. My question is, how could Dominion Chevrolet allow these types of practices to go on. I will say that I would not shop there nor would I reccommend them to anyone else.

Be careful!

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I love Dominion!I have bought not only all of my company vehicles from them, but also my personal vehicles.

Nobody touches their price and the staff has been nothing but professional to work with.

Yes, there are always a few minor glitches no matter where you go, but I swear by these guys to everyone I know.Maybe the Dominion I go to is on a different planet that the one the others here have been so negative about...


Purchased a 2007 Cobalt in 2008, from Dominion Cheverolet in Colonial Heights, VA.that presently moved to Dominion Chevrolet Short Pump in Richmond, VA.

I have constantly had problems with my car from day one with the steering column, make loud noises when driving over small or large bumps. Dealership service dept./mamager both test drove the car and heard the noises, my car has been in and out of the service dept. for the same problem since 2008 with documentation to show and now the service mananger and supervisor kept me going back and forth to the repair shop until the warranty ran out, now tell me that I would have to foot the expensive in repairing the problem, yet, I discovered that they are several complaint about the imtermediate shaft that needs replacing and the dealership refuses to replace the part that is causing the rattling noise which is annoying. I had even taken out an additional warranty on this car to ensure that if anything went wrong that I would be cover, I was also told that by me having to keep returning to the service shop for the same problem that when the warranty expires the dealership still had to honor the agreement since it was a continuous problems, the service department gave me an additonal warranty on a part of the car that is not causing the problem and now get a nasty attitude when calling them to rewsolve the problem, I shouldn't have to bear the burden of repairing or replacing anything that was original cover by warranty...

Stating now that there may be another problem that is causing the noises, which is a straight out lie. I have been told by several other mechanics that GM refuses to recall the cars knowing that it is the imtermediate shaft that needs replacing, that they have had several the Cobalts and Cavaliers having the same issues, which the Cavaliers rattle is worse than the Cobalts rattle. I am still making payments on a car that the dealership refuses to replace the defective part. I will never purchase another car from them or refer anyone else to purchase a car from Dominion Chevrolet Short Pump because of how management handle their customers.

My ex and I have always purchased Chevrolet automobiles and never had this type of treatment, will now deal with leading dealership with more care concerning their customers needs. I had a recall on my steering colum three months ago Dominion Chevrolet was suppose to replace it, apparently not, got a another recall for the same part had to take it in to another dealership Strosnider Chevrolet in Hopewell, VA. to get the part replaced. This is not good business.

When a dealership that you purchased a automobile from will not honor their agreement and let your warranty expires then talk smack to the customer as to say you deal with it. I had taken my car in to Dominion Chevrolet so many time until Enterprise Rental Car asked me did I want to take out an investment in their company for having to keep renting cars from them, They almost got to know me on a one to one basic. Government needs to step in and see whay the car dealerships can treat their customer any kind of way after they have purchase an automobile from them. The state of Virginia does have a 3 strike Lemon Law that state after three times to the dealership for the same problem that the dealreship is to offer you another automobile in place of the one that they can't seem to repair or fix.

A good friend of mine had a Jeep Cheroke with same recurring problems and finally after getting an attorney and showing the VA.Lemon Law the dealership finally gave her another automobile of her choice.

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All the Dominion stores are trained as crooks in all departments (sales, service and parts).I've been to service twice and was screwed both times.

I looked to purchase a Pontiac G8 but they wouldn't let us take it for a test drive so we purchased one by weeks end at Colonial in Charlottesville.If you enjoy getting screwed, head to Colonial.

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